Misioni & Vizioni


Institute of Authorized Chartered Auditors of Albania’s mission is to ensure the proper practice of the profession, guarding of the integrity and independence of its members as well as guaranteeing the oversight of their professional training.

What distinguishes the accounting profession from the other professions throughout the world is the responsibility accepted to operate in the public interest. The Registered Auditor’s responsibility is not to specifically satisfy the needs of his clients only; but because his mission is much wider, he should always operate in the public interest.

The important role and position of Registered Auditors could be preserved only if the Registered Auditors act in compliance with the profession rules and demonstrate that their services are of a high quality and in compliance with the professional and ethical standards.

Public trust on the services delivered by the members of the Institute of Authorised Chartered Auditors of Albania is based on the qualifications, skills, talent, professional skills, experience, ethics, independence and integrity that the Registered Auditors manifest.

The main objective of the professional organization of Authorised Chartered Auditors of Albania (IEKA) is the improvement of the knowledge and implementation in practice of the highest quality standards that are in compliance with the global developments