Vice President Shpresa Breçani

Edrian Meslani

Esmeralda Balluku

Ilda Duhanxhiu

Desara Liko

Kamela Hasko

Internal Audit Committee

The Internal Audit Committee controls the financial activity of the Institute, supervises the implementation of accounting procedures, registration in the budget account, gives an opinion to the Council on all issues required. The Internal Audit Committee reports to the General Assembly of Members.

Altin Sulejmani Chairman

Fatmira Kastrati (Sykja) Member

Eljona Hoxha Member

Executive Director

The Executive Director performs the daily administration of the activity of the Institute. The Executive Director organizes the work for the performance of professional activities of the Institute in accordance with the Law or the decisions of the Steering Council and ensures that the budget of the Institute is in accordance with the rules of financial administration approved by the Steering Council.

Doranin Agalliu